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The purpose of The Birth Choice Survey is to provide women with a venue to give feedback about their decision making process during pregnancy as they plan their birth experiences. This information will help women and healthcare professional better understand the type of information that women are interested in receiving about the choices they have in childbirth. This study is especially interested in hearing from women who are having their first child.  We want to hear from women who are planning all types of births: vaginal births in the hospital, vaginal births at home, and cesarean delivery where no medical indication is present.
If you experience problems while taking the survey these can be reported to Thank you for your participation in The Birth Choice Survey Project.

  • This survey will ask you detailed questions about the decisions you have made during your pregnancy regarding what type of birth you want. It will also ask you questions about your general health before and during pregnancy.  It will take about 30 minutes to complete, depending on your birth experience and your internet connection.
  • Some questions are designed to make sure that you are eligible to be in this study. For example – you must be pregnant and within 8 to 10 week of delivery. You should not have a medical condition that makes it necessary that you choose a cesarean delivery: for example surgery on your uterus to remove fibroids.  You also need to be pregnant with only one baby.
  • We will ask you to read an informed consent which briefly explains this research study and provides you information about who to contact if you have any concerns about the study. You can print a copy of the informed consent to keep if you would like to.
  • You will be asked for your email address. This is important because it will allow us to remind you about the last part of our study: the postpartum survey.  After you deliver your baby we want to hear about how satisfied you are with your birth choice and the decisions that you made before delivery. Your email will be used to link the first prenatal survey with the postpartum survey. We promise that we will only use the email address for this purpose.  We do not sell or use that information for any other reason. This is the only identifiable information we will ask you for.
We have attempted to make the survey usable from all newer browser-and-operating-system combinations.