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Should I take the survey if this is not my first pregnancy?
Women who have been pregnant in the past, but who did carry that pregnancy to term are eligible to complete the survey.  For example if you had a miscarriage with other pregnancies, but did not deliver close to your due date you are eligible for the research study.

Do I need to be pregnant now or can I have delivered recently?
To be eligible for the research study, you need to be pregnant now and making decisions about your upcoming delivery. We are specifically looking for women who are in the last trimester of their pregnancy (28 weeks or greater).

What if I am not sure if I will delivery vaginally?
Unless you have already requested a c/section and this is your plan. You should fill out the vaginal delivery survey.

When should I fill out the postpartum survey?
We would like for you to fill out the survey between four and six weeks after you delivery your baby. 

What if I was planning a vaginal delivery, but ended up with a c/section, which postpartum questionnaire should I fill out?
If you plan when you took the first questionnaire during pregnancy was to deliver your baby vaginally, even if you delivered by c/section, you will select and fill out the postpartum questionnaire for women who were planning a vaginally delivery.

What if I no longer want to be in the research study?  How do I ask to be removed?
Simply send an email to and tell me that you no longer want to participant in the study.  I will remove your email address and information from the data base.

What if I have a question about the questionnaire or about the research study?  How do I contact you?
Simply send an email to and ask your questions.  I will answer you as soon as possible.